Anaché: myter från akkade

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A girl is riding a horse on a green vale. Grey mountains and a stormy sky stand above them. Threatening green eyes look at them from the sky.
Title in English: 
Anache: Myths from the Akkade
Maria Turtschaninoff
Place of publication: 
Schildts & Söderströms
Year of publication: 
23 x 16 cm

Anaché is a story about a nomadic tribe living on the steppe in an unspecified era in the past. The people live according to the seasons, and their life is governed by rites and gods which people pray to and attempt to appease. The protagonist is a girl called Anaché, a member of the Akkade. Her world is patriarchal; there are strict rules about what men and women can do. Anaché defies the rules and shadows her brother, who teaches her all the skills a Khalka boy has to know. Anaché is also capable of contacting and speaking with the spirits – something reserved for the holy men. When the gods turn against the tribe, she is accused of incurring their wrath. Anaché fights not only for her life, but also for justice and good in the world. The book advocates equality, emotions, values and feminism as it is a quintessential fantasy tale. It received an award from the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in 2013. Maria Turtschaninoff (b. 1977) is a Finland-Swedish author who writes YA fantasy novels.