Most nad Missisipi

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A bridge with feet trace over it and a football between windows
Title in English: 
Bridge over Missisipi
Ewa Przybylska
Place of publication: 
Akapit Press
Year of publication: 
144 p.
13 x 20 cm

The bridge over Mississippi stands here for the symbol of understanding and help in need. It is built by Kuba, narrator and main protagonist of the novel, to make unusual friendship with elder lady from neighbourhood. Both of them have to struggle with the world which is equally hostile to children and older persons. Both of them: eleven years old with Mohawk haircut and old lady, Theodora nailed to the bed by illness vegetate on the margin of reality: nobody needs them, nobody cares for them. Reader gets acquainted with the rescue mission undertaken by Kuba to help his friend from his own perspective. It’s unusual perspective: sometimes reader gets the facts in micro some time in macro scale. The boy, to whom nobody pays any attention creates his own picture of reality collected from facts, emotions, conversations and literature. In this world Ms Teodora is the closest person, mythical Lete and the mother of his unknown father is highly suspicious impostor. The novel enchants with unusual narrative concept as well as with true, emotional, torn down style of narration which let the reader for the while into intimate world of feeling of teenage protagonist.