Los fantasmas del paraíso

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Title in English: 
The ghosts of the paradise
Alfredo Gómez Cerdá
Place of publication: 
Ediciones SM
Year of publication: 
176 p.
13 x 20 cm.

“The ghosts of the paradise” is a single novel, although it has been promoted as a trilogy, with other author previous books:  The face of shadows and Puppet steps. In the novel as well as in the other mentioned books, Alfredo Gomez Cerda, proposes an exercise of reflection based in a very common news in the Spanish media.
An important Spanish politician has been arrested, allegedly for money-laundering. When Paul, his seventeen years old son, studying in a Swiss boarding school, knows about the new, huge doubts assail him and he begin to question his values. What Paul should do? Discover the truth or ignore it?
With a very personal narration, without an extra word, his author, Alfredo Gómez Cerdá makes the reader connect with the main character and discuss with him the doubts that surround him.
Where is the limit of our parent’s actions responsibility? Pablo´s life couldn´t get better, but suddenly, life reality hits him without warning and without mercy.
It is a book to create personal and group discussion taking in consideration that never it's too soon to reflect and taking decisions.