Wierszyki domowe

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A house with open wall, one can see all rooms full of items described in poems
Title in English: 
Home poems
Michał Rusinek
Joanna Rusinek
Place of publication: 
Znak Emotikon
Year of publication: 
184 p.
14,5 x 21 cm
978-83- 240 -1974-8

What makes a house a home? A house consists of walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings. Or perhaps it should rather be discussed in the more homely terms of rooms: a kitchen, a bathroom, a basement and an attic? Well, a homely house certainly is an entire universe of shapes and objects, large and small, complex and simple – at least that is how it is depicted by Michał Rusinek in his collection of Home Poems. The poetic portrayal of home in dozens of children’s rhymes varies its tone: one minute it is full of gentle humour, and the next minute it offers a moment of philosophical reflection. House rooms and items come to life, endowed with a character of their own. A pair of skis will 'hibernate' in the summer; a carpet would fly if it wasn’t for the fact that the coffee table is heavier than Aladdin; and the box that the new TV arrived in would be just an ordinary cardboard container if it wasn’t for some skilfully cut-out holes that have turned it into a playhouse. All this is rendered in rhyme and rhythm with an artistry of the highest order, which makes Home Poems a book that is a harmonious whole in every possible way.