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د‭ ‬يو‭ ‬لاروي‭ ‬خدای‭ ‬پاماني

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Surrounded by flowers, a man is walking next to a village wall.
Title in English: 
The Stranger’s Farewell
Palwasha Bazger Salam
Marie LaFrance
Place of publication: 
Los Altos, CA
Hoopoe Books
Year of publication: 
34 p.
21,6 x 27,9 cm

The Stranger's Farewell is a very old story, one that has entertained people all over the world for hundreds of years. A stranger visits a young couple – he has been traveling for many days – and asks for a glass of water and a place to rest. The young couple make him welcome and invite the stranger into their home to share their meal. As we know, small actions sometimes have large consequences, and this one did. As the stranger is leaving to go on his way, he says, "May the next thing you do last until you say, 'Enough'." These parting words reward their generosity in an amazing way. News of the young couple's changed status travels fast and prompts a greedy merchant to seek out the stranger in the hope of gaining a similar reward for himself. But, of course, the result is very different. This story can teach us – in a very accessible way – something about the nature of giving and receiving. This tale is set in Afghanistan where it is known by many people.

This is a bilingual book in Pashto and English.

For 7 years and older.

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