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Mimi a Líza

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Title in English: 
Mimi and Líza
Katarína Kerekesová, Katarína Moláková, Alexandra Salmela
Boris Šima, Ivana Šebestová
Place of publication: 
Slovart, Fool Moon
Year of publication: 
165 p.
20 x 17,5 cm

Mimi and Líza are protagonists in seven interesting stories that create together almost a perfect constellation. Mimi is a blind girl who lives only with her father in an ordinary prefab. Every day she is surrounded by black and white colours and the same sounds. An energetic girl Líza, who moves with her mom into an empty flat on the opposite side, brakes her stereotype. Each story starts quite innocently, however gradually Mimi and Líza infiltrate into the imaginary world full of incredible, and sometimes even absurd experiences. They found themselves in a monumental castle built from colourful building blocks, where they are imprisoned by a shrieking clown, and Mimi teaches Líza not to be afraid of the darkness. Mimi and Líza is a set of modest stories of two different girls, that have in common the same interests and experiences. The book is written in a humorous and catchy way, and the illustrations highlight the uncommon stories. The book is unique, because it reveals us through Mimi, the world of the visually impaired, whom we may consider, even based on this book, as full-valued members of our society and their disadvantage is often an advantage for them. The book won a Diploma Paper as one of The Most beautiful books of Slovakia 2013, and was included in IBBY selection of outstanding books for young people with disabilities 2015.