Svilnate rime

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Title in English: 
Rhymes of Silk
Bina Štampe Žmavc
Daniel Demšar
Place of publication: 
Mladinska knjiga
Year of publication: 
p. 131
25 x 16,5 cm

The anthology contains a selection of poems from eight collections of poetry that Bina Štampe Žmavc (1951) published between 1990 (Čaroznanke) and 2008 (Vprašanja srca), and it is divided into five contextual units connected by the »silken thread« of the diversity of her poetry, in which is also simultaneously evident the creation of new words, the depiction of children's games and family coexistence as a reflection of the basic concepts of life, its light and dark shades, the beauties of nature and its inescapable transitory nature. The poems in the anthology are arranged in five thematic sections: the first depicts children, their growing up and amusing “meetings” with adults, the second travelling in the world of imagination, including into tradition, while the third focuses on portraits of animals, mainly cats, which from a poetic point of view are very similar to people, sensitive to the interweaving of reality and dream. The fourth section embraces lyrics on nature, in which explicitly symbolically coloured images predominate, and the fifth touches on the “mysteries of the world”: the boundless universe, happiness, creativity, love and the inevitable transitory nature of life. The poet, also known in Slovenia for her fairy tales, which revive the tradition of classical fairy tale models, wrote that “a fairy tale and poetry in their essence touch on the most profound mysteries of words”; fairy tale themes, mainly the power of destiny and the elusiveness of “infinity”, can also be seen in her poetry. The communicativeness of the poems is supplemented by the exceptionally poetic illustrations of Daniel Demšar (1954), and the collection, because of its communicative richness is exceptional reading for both young and adult readers.