IBBY European Regional Conference 2019

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Languages in Europe

Children reading in a multilingual environment


For the second time, several IBBY sections from all over Europe joined forces to organise the IBBY European Regional Conference that took place on Thursday, 4 April 2019 at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. The theme resonates across Europe: the right of a child to have access to books in his/her home language and to have support for their needs as multilingual learners. Our keynote speakers presented a theoretical overview of language acquisition and multilingualism, rooted in the contemporary European experience. There was also a focus on various initiatives that have taken place or that continue to develop in Europe and the world. Finally, participants had the opportunity to discuss the issues in smaller groups, exchange ideas and think of practical activities that can be done in our own countries or collaboratively.

This event took place with the support of the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

The proceedings

The speakers' biographies

A report on the Conference