IBBY European Regional Conference 2019 Proceedings

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Languages in Europe

Children reading in a multilingual environment

The IBBY European Regional Conference 2019 was held on 4 April 2019 at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.


The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.

IBBY Sweden presented a poster during the conference on "The Official Minority Languages of Sweden".

WelcomeElena Pasoli, Exhibition Manager, Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Roberto Piumini's speech in Italian - in English

IBBY President’s speech of welcome Mingzhou Zhang, IBBY President

From Bi/multilingualism to Bi/multiliteracy: why should children read books in different languages Dr Christine Hélot, University of Strasbourg, France

Brilliant brains: neuroscience evidence for holistic understandings of reading development in multilingual settingsProfessor Carole Bloch, PRAESA, South Africa

Universal alphabet project (in English and French)Marion Bataille, author and illustrator, France


Languages and Storytelling Leila Garsi, Enrica Menarbin, Antonella Saracino, Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi, Italy


Publishing, distributing,…


Discussion groups and informal reports

Ways forwardHasmig Chahinian, IBBY France and Pam Dix, IBBY UK.